Android Question Can this be a bugg ?


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I'm reading values from a smart card, using an external lib and JavaObject

When I perform a Warm Reset I get an ATR string.

The values I obtain in the array (defined as object or java object (tested both)) are as following :

3B 7D FFFFFF95 0 0 FFFFFF80 31 FFFFFF80 etc.

The problem is that I know for a fact (documentation from card issuer) that the values should be

3B 7D 95 0 0 80 31 80 etc.

By looking closely the values I'm getting extra " FFFFFF ", but not in all of them (in the picture all the values with this problem show as negative)

If I try the test application from the smart card, the values apear as expected.

Is it me doing something really stupid or is this a bugg ?


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Many thanks Desolated.

So I guess this wil do...I hope !!!

    For f=0 To bytarray.Length-1
        Private c As int
        If c<0 Then
         c=Bit.AND (c,255)
        End If 
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