Android Question Can this phone app project be done with B4a and B4i?


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I am making this post to ask on behalf of my son for his coming polytechnic project.

Here is what I like to find out.

The project is a judging system plus server app/service and should do this:

a) The judges in the panel will input their scores into their phone apps (iPhone and Android).
b) Their scores will be updated into a database on a server.
c) The server app will take the result from the database, calculate the final score and output to a screen display.

As I am not familiar with B4a at this moment, I like to ask whether this project can be done:
1) with B4a and B4i for the phone app
2) and with B4j for the server app/service. This part is not critical as this can be alternative solution, eg. PHP/MySQL but if B4j can then super.

I bought B4a back in Sep 2011 and also helped a number of people to also buy B4a with personal coupon code issued to me. However, I have not started using B4a yet so I am trying to find out whether this can be done. Naturally, I will be interested in the B4i too. And also get the two academic licenses for my son's use as he has his own notebook to bring to the polytechnic.

Thanks in advance for all your answers, advices and suggestions.


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should be no problem on the phones it's mainly reading data from an http source and sending the scores to the server via http post or get methods.

I would start with the phone parts and a php+mysql backend, doing the server part in B4J will probably make you lose more time.


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Thanks sorex and keirS for your replies.

Good news indeed. I am printing out the manuals.

Restful back end
I am new to this term. I tried googling but can't seem to find any article that describe what this is although there are some that reference it. I will try some more.


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Thanks Edgar.

I am aware what is a backend, but RESTful backend is a term I am not familar with due to my lack of server app and development experience. Logically, RESTful I think may mean something more about just backend.

What I found on my initial search:

And then more:

I will try to digest what I can find.