Can we all please learn?


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Hi all

One of the things I love about Erel's posts and anyone else who follows suit, especially about new things e.g. libraries / components, is that whilst one attaches the code, they have a video / gif / screen grab attached too to the post so that one sees what the library / new functionality does.

There are so many people posting new things here and having to download your code to see how it works, because you didnt even attached a screen shot for the eye candy, is rather :mad:? Why not?

I believe anything worth-while to sell yourself with and your capabilities of creating magic here should not be limited one to download and then test themselves!!! Please include a screen shot at least and let us see what you are talking about. PLEASE!


1. We can easily bookmark your post for later retrieval, if we like it enough
2. Let's learn from Erel and others who follow suit.
3. We don't all know English.
4. Visual is always better.
5. We want to learn.

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to anyone else who posts and include screengrabs, gif, videos etc.