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  1. Enthousiastic

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    Hello , i am using the following subs and i have the error cannot assign void value.

    Sub FillTable

    Dim Query As String

    'Query="SELECT * FROM " & Main.DBTableName6

    Curs = Main.SQL1.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM " & Main.DBTableName6)

    Curs=Main.SQL1.ExecQueryAsync("SQL" ,Query , Null )

    End Sub

    Sub SQL_QueryComplete (Success As Boolean, Crsr As Cursor)

    If Success Then
    For i = 0 To Crsr.RowCount - 1
    Crsr.Position = i
    End If
    End Sub

    Can you tell me please where is the error ?

    Many thanks entousiastic
  2. MaFu

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    This line causes the error:
    Curs=Main.SQL1.ExecQueryAsync("SQL" ,Query , Null )
    ExecQueryAsync() runs asynchronous (as the name imply) and have therefore no return value.
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