Android Question cannot install emulator in latest version of B4A

howard bassen

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please hep me get up and running. i tried to follow the steps from the Beginners Guide but the selections are not there. when I create an AVD in the B4A AVD manager I first create a new device. when I click start I get the messages

error: failed to create temp directory for crash services communications

warning : failed to open temp file

emulator : warning encryption is off
emulator: error: x86 emulation requires hardware

please ensure is properly instslled
HAXM is not installed on the machine


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One to thing worth mentioning, avoid using the emulator, it is very slow, it's better to use a real device or an alternate emulator, but a real device is always recommended.
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Peter Simpson

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The AVDs included in the new B4A are seriously fast on my laptop @NJDude, but that's on my machine which is already fast in the first place. If HAXM is working correctly there shouldn't be a problem with speed, well not unless there's a low memory issue.

By default I do use real devices via B4A-Bridge, but for testing different screen sizes I use the emulator. The original older emulator is as slow as a snail, actually I would probably say that a snail is faster than the old emulator, but not the newer emulator :)
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