Android Question Can't replace CustomListview with xCustomListview

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I want to replace my CustomListview with xCustomListview.
For this I have removed my CustomListview in the project (From the designer, in the code and the customlistview.xml (.jar) in the libraries folder.
The I added the xCustomListview.

Now I have 2 identical entries in the designer:


Both entries produces different Listsvies.
One of the two entries seems to be the correct xCustomListView because it offers extended options ("pressed color" and "divider color").
But it generates an error: "listview was declared with the wrong type"

What con I do?


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You should never see two CustomListView types.
Something is wrong.

You dont need to add the library xCustomlistview (1.73). Latest and recommended Customlistview is included in the XUI Views as you can see
This is not the problem.

Make sure that there is no module named CustomListView in your project.
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