Share My Creation Car Booking/Rental App(Uber alternative) : Source Code For Sale

Hello everyone,
Of course without a doubt i'd like to start the topic with a : Thank you erel for making this Possible !

This project is very important to us because it took as almost 9 months for it to be completed
it's one of the most complicated projects we have ever built.

The app works just like Uber but with more complicated features:
This project contains 3 apps :
1- Car tenant
The user register/login then the main screen opens showing a GPS with the nearest cars and car shop.
The user is able to pick a car or a shop and set his destination.

2-Car Owner/Shop Owner
The car/Shop owner will receive a notification stating there is a new car booking request.
The owner will be able to accept/reject the request once he views the car tenant profile, the destination, the cost, the ratings

The car tenant is able to view the car details/ car shop profile / chat / review / rate/ search by filters

The car tenant is able to take a video of him self and share it to the others as a story just like Instagram, the video is 1 minute long :)

3- Back-end admin
The admin is able view the live location of every car and every car tenant while they are in the car booking status
the admin is able to delete/edit any entry in the system
Orders history
users permissions
and much much more

it's an amazing app, and we can assure you that it will make ton of money :)

The source code price is a bit higher than the other source codes we posted:

The Source code contains :
1- B4A Car Tenant
2- B4A Car/Shop Owner
3- Web service
4- Back-end Admin
5- Microsoft SQL Database
6- Sqlite Databases

*It's really an amazing app, it's even better than Uber that i can tell you :)

The app is released! :)

The Project Price : 100$

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1-This project doesn't need any documentation at all, open ports in windows firewall (which any developer should know how to do that) :

2-Restore the .bak file in MS SQL

3-install webservice in iis :

4- Connect B4A project to the webservice (just put the link and port)

4 steps, and that's it.

1-The remote assistance we provide is sometimes required when we feel the client has no idea what he is doing.
2-We provide support via PM
3-We provide support via Email
4-We are 24/7 available to provide support

This is a splendid example to make you understand what I meant in the previous post
Now points 1 and 2 are certainly to be taken for granted that a programmer, of any development environment, must know how to do it.
Point 3, on the other hand, I do not think it can be assumed that anyone who knows how to complete it correctly, there are many variables involved, and it is understandable that even users experienced in programming in desktop environments may not be so in the configuration of the Microsoft web server.
In this sense, I would invite you to improve the documentation that describes the minimum steps to follow to get to have a working project
I would like to point out that also in this case indications have been provided that force you to jump here and there.
If it had been a single document it would have been much easier to follow

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