Car DVD with Android 4.4

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by KMatle, Apr 26, 2015.

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  4. KMatle

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    Will buy one next month and will report :)
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  5. Toley

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  6. KMatle

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    Yep. I'm going to buy that one, too (but for Opel/Vauxhaul). What about the steering wheel control? Does it work as described? Where did you put the GPS antenna?
  7. Toley

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    Hi KMatle, I highly recommand it to you. Everything works as expected and the steering wheel controls as well. My car have a small stash on the dash, so I put the GPS antenna inside. Everything was surprisingly easy to install, the backup camera was a little bit more complicated but not too much.

    The only small issue I'm having right now is that the device have 3 memories. One 8GB flash (where the OS is), one 8 GB nand (almost empty) and a 8GB external SD (where the Maps are). The problem is that apps always install on the flash memory so there is no room to install a lot of apps. I'm looking for a way to use the nand.
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  8. KMatle

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    @Toley : Will get one this month when the paycheck arrives :D

    What about the maps? Do they they offline? Do you get a lifetime update for free? I will check how to install on the sd card (maybe with App2SD or something similar).
  9. Toley

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    @KMatle Like I said, everything is working very well out of the box. The GPS software is iGO navigation. It came with a preinstall map (Noth America in my case) on an external SD card. But it don't seems to be updated by the common way. It is an offline navigation system, but you can also use Google maps if you have a mobile internet access. Apps can be installed on SD, but I think the internal NAND is only used to store data or music.
  10. Troberg

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    Some more alternatives at great prices:

    I'm probably going for this one, if a better doesn't come along in the next few weeks: . I like the sleek look with minimalistic controls and large screen.

    Anyone who knows if there is a good overhead mounted Android car computer? I've bought a Chevrolet Suburban, and the previous owner had a overhead DVD player, and that means that there's a hole in the ceiling which I want to put to good use. Of course, I could put another DVD there (such as this: ), but why stop with that if you can get an Android device?

    Also, as several people seems to be interested in Android car computers, I'm on my way to start up a community project for an app for exactly that purpose. I've realized that I can't an expert on everything, there are many needed specialities (basic framework, graphics, navigation, OBD2, Bluetooth, networking, media playback and so on), and it's a big project. So, I thought I'd sit down and make the basic framework where it's easy to make "plugins" for things like navigation, video, audiobooks et cetera, and the framework takes care of as much of the practical details as possible (most of the GUI, settings, logins, communication within the program, color schemes and so on), and a few example plugins and plugins that I can do well. Hopefully, others will be inspired and do what they are experts on. With any luck, we'll get a good product on a market that is about to become extremely big soon.

    I'm not quite ready to go public with the code and the Foundation framework for a while yet, but have patience.

    If you are interested, of the project, of my ideas for car computer features (many of them, I think, are not only new, but also extremely useful and imaginative) or the framework, read about it on my project wiki: . Login in with:

    User: Guest
    Pass: dashguest
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  11. KMatle

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    Will take a look the next days...

    Here in Germany (or EU) I take care not to pay import taxes, so there are some offers at Ebay which ship from Germany without any extra taxes :D
  12. ilan

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  13. KMatle

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    You'll need a new dash for it:

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    I have plans to buy a China branded one for my e39 bimmer... Just plans for now.
  17. KMatle

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    @Cableguy They all come from china. Except the bimmer (had to google what it means). Nice car. Do you get payable spare parts for it?
  18. Cableguy

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    Last year I had to replace my Turbo, the in-tank pump, a do some cleaning. Apart from the turbo, which I took to a local specialised garage for a standard exchange, I buy/bought everything out of internet. My bimmer is a y2000 530D 184hp
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  19. KMatle

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    With the help of our friends from XDA I've updated my stereo yesterday with a nice new Kitkat rom. This fixed some minor (but annoying) issues like "touch screen is mirrored on reboot when the device shuts down automatically by switching off the ignition".

    There are two supported chipsets: RK3066 (dual core) and RK3188 (quad core).

    Just copy the Kitkat- and MCU-Image on an empty sdcard and insert it in the GPS card slot when the device is on and wait 10-20 secs (it detects it automatically)

    Important: You have to know the exact type of rom/model you have (see "about tablet").

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