Share My Creation Cat and Mouse game (sensors)

I used some of the code created by Erel to create this simple game. It uses the phone sensors to detect the x and y motions of the the phone.

The user tilts the phone back and forth to make the cat chase the mouse.

This program will only work on a cell phone but not the emulator (sorry).
It was written for a high density phone 800X 400. It will probably work on a lower resolution also.

Write with problem and suggestions.



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It doesn't work on my HTC hero..
The picture seems to be too large.. barely see the "exit" and the button below that button (can't see the text, but it seems to reset the game :) )

You should start it in different emulatorsizes (i know, the tiltfunction won't work, but you will be able to see how it works in other resolutions)
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