Android Question Certificate pinning and Signing scheme V2


Hi Erel,
As of now is any way to:
  1. Implement certificate pinning? my customers do not wants to install the certificate on device
  2. Signing scheme v2 rather then v1? as per security standpoint the v1 scheme now is not efficient and need to be upgraded to at least v2 or higher
If it is not possible now, do we have any chance to have these features in future?

Many thanks for any guide/idea



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B4A uses signing scheme v2, 3 and 4. Make sure to use the latest version of B4A.

About certificate pinning. You made another post where you mistakenly wrote that it is important for security. This is wrong. It is not required. The whole internet is built without certificate pinning and relies on trusted authorities.
The only case where it can be important is if you are using a non-trusted certificate and you don't want to enable the "trust all" option.

It should be possible to implement it using Kickstart:
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