Android Question Change color of selector icon on spinner


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I found some things but can't seem to wrap my head around this. I think it could be used as a sub like the example for changing color of the checkbox:
Sub SetColorTintList(CB As CheckBox,Checked As Int,Enabled As Int,Disabled As Int)

   Dim States(3,1) As Int

   States(0,0) = 16842912   'Checked
   States(1,0) = 16842910    'Enabled
   States(2,0) = -16842910 'Disabled

   Dim Color(3) As Int = Array As Int(Checked,Enabled,Disabled)

   Dim CSL As JavaObject
   CSL.InitializeNewInstance("android.content.res.ColorStateList",Array As Object(States,Color))
   Dim CB1 As JavaObject = CB
   CB1.RunMethod("setButtonTintList",Array As Object(CSL))
End Sub

The property I found on android website is called
List selector to use for spinnerMode="dropdown" display.

May be a reference to another resource, in the form "@[+][package:]type/name" or a theme attribute in the form "?[package:]type/name".

May be a color value, in the form of "#rgb", "#argb", "#rrggbb", or "#aarrggbb".

I just don't know how to implement this in B4A, or is it the right property to start with?
Please help,
Thank you in advance.