Android Question Change icon for Floating Action Menu (FAM)


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Has anyone changed the default '+' icon that is displayed on the action menu button?
Not till now. But i did.

Look inside the marked folders which are inside the "resource" folder you added with #additionalres: ..\Resource


Replace the fab_add.png in all of these folders (for different resolutions.


Remove these folders and add a fab_add.png to the folder drawable
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Haris Hafeez

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Thanks folks. Will try and update here. I tried looking at the github source but didn't spend a lot of time in there :) I was thinking perhaps with a bit of reflection I can change the image view that is displayed on top of the button. Although I managed to show a different image but it looked all wrong. The underlying '+' would simply not go away and would still be visible even if I managed to display another image on top of the button.
Anyways, thanks for your input and great work!

[Edit] The reason I wanted to use reflection was to display fontawesome/material icons using icon fonts.
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