Android Question Change MSMaterialDrawer's Items Gravity


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hello every body
here is the MSMaterialDrawer Lib which is for creating Drawer
but this drawer is not customizable...for example we can't customize the items font or gravity directly with code
i want to change the font of each item and also the gravity of items,as default items are left to right and has "sans serif" font,but i want my items gravity be right to left(icon of items be on right side)
i can do this for title of items and also i tried this for icons but still i'm not succed
i think this can be done by editing XML files
i can do this by using AHNavigationDrawer Lib and create my custom menu like this one

and u can see my problem with MSMaterialDrawer

but for some reason i want to change my code to using MSMaterialDrawer
if any one is familar with xml and can help me please please please help me,this is necessary 4 me
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