Android Question Change multiple text color of 1 label


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Hello I found a problem to coloring specified label text color, for example I have 1 label
in the label I place multiple line of text
lblreturn.Text =lblreturn.Text & "Status : New Item"

I want to set color of "Status : New Item" string only instead coloring all of label object with
last thing I saw on forum it is possible to coloring or set bold italic of specified label, but I cannot find it anymore, can anybody help? either with library or not, I need this feature

Please add feature coloring label next like :
lblreturn.Text =lblreturn.Text & {red}"Status : New Item"{/red}
it would be helpfull :D
Thank You


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Thank You I know it exist before but cannot find it, but rich string cannot used as lblreturn.Text =lblreturn.Text & rs
object cannot converted as string it say :(

finally worked with
rs.Initialize(lblreturn.Text & "{Red} "Status : New Item"{Red}")
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