[Christmas Wish]


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All I want for Christmas is to create my own libs,
avoid copy and paste,
and constantly update...


Santa has hinted this may be in your stocking... if you have been nice.

This sites' santa brings gifts many, many times per year - and how we often write to him with our wish list. We are his children (and some of us spoiled brats). Let us be nice kids.. Tis the season.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this site (questions and answers). It has been a great year experiencing the growth of Android and this product! I personally have had much fun.

(Heck - what will next year at this time see in the evolution? 365 will tell...)

Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays and the very best to you and yours in the new year. It shall be interesting.

Thank you Erel , Klaus, Andrew, XX, tds, Martin, Informatix, Corwin42, margret, - hell - you know who you are / and there are many... Your selfless gifts are our blessings. Thank you/bless you all. You are my mentors.