Clarification in docs regarding SecondProgram


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After pondering this statement in the docs, I'd like clarification/confirmation/correction. In paragraph 5 of section 3 (entitled Second Program) we say:

Let us add a numeric keyboard to the layout
to avoid the use of the virtual keyboard.

Is it not the case that adding a numeric keyboard is not the technique that avoids the use of the virtual keyboard, but, rather, eliminating the edittext view does? (ie edittext views trigger the virtual keyboard appearance) This seems like a trivial point but if I am correct it may save newbies like myself some head scratching.:sign0104:


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The reasons to avoid the use of the virtual keyboard and add a custom keyboard were :
- To have only the needed keys (Buttons).
- To have bigger keys (Buttons) than the virtual keyboard.
- To have full control over the keys, showing only the authorized keys.
- To show how to manage the the Click event for several Buttons in one routine.

To avoid the display of the virtual keyboard the edtResult EditText view had to be replaced by the lblResult Label view.

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