B4A Library [Class] CameraEx - Extends the camera library functionality

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CameraEx class wraps the Camera object and using reflection and other code it extends its functionality.

CameraEx class requires Android 2.3+ and depends on Camera library v2.20+
CameraEx features:
  • Easily open the back or front camera
  • Preview images and saved images orientation will match the device orientation (all orientations are supported)
  • Gives access to Camera.Parameters native class (flashmode, picture size, effects and other settings)
  • Includes methods to convert preview images to JPEG and to save the taken pictures.
  • It should be simple to add more methods to this class


See this page for the constant values and other possible methods:

Note that you should call CommitParameters after changing one or more parameters.

CameraExClass module is included in the attached example.

V1.30 is attached - Includes various new methods.

v1.20 - Includes all the various posts in this thread as well as AutoFocusAndTakePicture method which first calls AutoFocus and then takes a picture (if AutoFocus was successful).

Edit (06/2018): A new version was uploaded with targetSdkVersion set to 26.


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