B4i Library [class] - ExpandableTableView (tree view)

ExpandableTableView class uses TableView to implement a view that shows a tree of items.

Each item can hold other children items. The user can expand or collapse the items.

This class uses new methods added in TableView v1.10. These methods (InsertCells and RemoveCells) allow to update the cells without loading the whole section.

Items are added to the Root cell. Each item can have more children. When you are done adding items you should call RefreshItems.
See the attached example.

This class requires iTableView 1.20+: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/updates-to-internal-libraries.48179/#post-320521


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Updated, still error. B4i version 1.80.


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OK, wery good. I wish to put some buttons in a Cell, or more images. Have no idea how.