Android Question class has no zero argument constructor

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by ykucuk, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. ykucuk

    ykucuk Active Member Licensed User

    Hello i got this error
    java.lang.InstantiationException: class has no zero argument constructor

    when i run

    If FirstTime Then

    NativeMe.InitializeNewInstance ("",Null)

    End If

    Could you tell me pls which constructor i should pass to below class ?



    import android.content.Context;
    import org.json.JSONArray;

    public class EnterpriseLicenseManager {
    public static final int ERROR_NONE = 0;
    public static final int ERROR_NULL_PARAMS = 101;
    public static final int ERROR_UNKNOWN = 102;
    public static final int ERROR_INVALID_LICENSE = 201;
    public static final int ERROR_NO_MORE_REGISTRATION = 202;
    public static final int ERROR_LICENSE_TERMINATED = 203;
    public static final int ERROR_INVALID_PACKAGE_NAME = 204;
    public static final int ERROR_NOT_CURRENT_DATE = 205;
    public static final int ERROR_INTERNAL = 301;
    public static final int ERROR_INTERNAL_SERVER = 401;
    public static final int ERROR_NETWORK_DISCONNECTED = 501;
    public static final int ERROR_NETWORK_GENERAL = 502;
    public static final int ERROR_USER_DISAGREES_LICENSE_AGREEMENT = 601;
    public static final String ACTION_LICENSE_STATUS = "edm.intent.action.license.status";
    public static final String EXTRA_LICENSE_STATUS = "edm.intent.extra.license.status";
    public static final String EXTRA_LICENSE_ERROR_CODE = "edm.intent.extra.license.errorcode";
    public static final int LICENSE_RESULT_TYPE_ACTIVATION = 800;
    public static final int LICENSE_RESULT_TYPE_VALIDATION = 801;
    public static final String EXTRA_LICENSE_RESULT_TYPE = "edm.intent.extra.license.result_type";
    public static final String EXTRA_LICENSE_PERM_GROUP = "edm.intent.extra.license.perm_group";
    public static final String LICENSE_LOG_DATE = "log_date";
    public static final String LICENSE_LOG_API = "api_call";

    EnterpriseLicenseManager() {
    throw new RuntimeException("Stub!");

    public static EnterpriseLicenseManager getInstance(Context context) {
    throw new RuntimeException("Stub!");

    public JSONArray getApiCallDataByAdmin(String packageName) {
    throw new RuntimeException("Stub!");

    public void activateLicense(String licenseKey) {
    throw new RuntimeException("Stub!");

    public void activateLicense(String licenseKey, String pkgName) {
    throw new RuntimeException("Stub!");
  2. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    This class doesn't have any public constructors. Instead:
    Dim ctxt As JavaObject
    Dim elm As JavaObject
    elm = elm.InitializeStatic(
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