B4A Library [Class] Startup Wizard

I posted a demo apk here before: http://www.basic4ppc.com/forum/basic4android-share-your-creations/30961-startup-wizard.html

StartupWizard basically shows a startup guide, or help screen or settings screen, on the first launch of an app.

This is basically comprising of a couple of components:
- ViewPager
- PageIndicators
- Footer (Buttons for Next/Skip)

It will expose some panels, and you will have to add your own layout/views to these panels (since they are app-specific).

It uses 2 Classes:
- Uses ViewPager by corwin42
- Uses AnimationPlus by Informatix (for Animation Interpolation), you can use Animation too but remove Interpolation

The Demo itself also uses:
- LabelExtras by warwound, to generate hyperlinks in a label
- RichString by agraham to format a label
- StringUtils by Erel to find the height of a label

All the source code and files are included here.


  • StartupWizard.zip
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Is it possible to add EditText and ok button?
I wish to add on one of the pages a way to user to write his email address and press ok


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Is it possible to add EditText and ok button?
As it is a class: Add the feature by yourself, the source is available.


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Thanks, actually it seems it is even simpler
on Main module:

    If v Is EditText Then
            Dim EditText As EditText = v
            sv.AddView(EditText,0dip,0dip, 200dip,70dip)
            EditText.Gravity = Gravity.LEFT