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Here's my entry for the minigame competition.

Store description:

Santa Claus is stuck in his warehouse and needs to deliver the last presents for Christmas.
He's paralized in the small rooms full of gifts due to his claustrophobia.

Can you get him out in time before Christmas?

You have 3 minutes in this 10 level minigame.

The game only uses the core library, nothing additional. (B4A 3.82 tho, not using any of the 4.0 animation goodies)

If you like it you can also vote for it here > Minigame voting ;)



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to fix a bug I disabled a timer which prevented playing level2.

it got corrected and republished 5-6 hours ago, so if the game didn't react to anything after level1 you have a faulty install.

updating through the play store solves it.