Bug? Clearing Items in B4xComboBox does not clear the button

Andrew (Digitwell)

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I am trying to clear all of the items from B4xComboBox.

I have used the what has been suggested here, https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/clear-items-in-b4xcombobox.123692/

This clears the internal list but does not clear the item that had previously been selected.

I have a sample project.

To reproduce.

  1. Select "4 items from CB2" in the first combo.
  2. select an item from the second combo.
  3. Select No Items for CB2" from the first combo.
The second combo will be showing the previous selection

If you now select the second combo, the list is empty.

Expected result:
The second combo should clear at step 3.



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Andrew (Digitwell)

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Temporary work around is as follows:


to visually clear the Combobox