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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by TyneBridges, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. TyneBridges

    TyneBridges Member Licensed User

    I like B4A a lot but, as a beginner and a not-very-capable programmer, I have to admit I'm struggling with the interface. So far I've found the Designer fairly unfathomable, so prefer to add views etc in code. However, my current problem is incredibly basic (excuse the pun!).

    I've closed a .bas file which is part of my project by accident (it's very easy to hit the cross when you're switching tabs) and can't find how to reopen it! I thought File | Open Source would do this, but that only refers to whole projects. I've tried re-adding my .bas file on the files tab but it doesn't reappear, even if I put a tick against it. If I go to Project | Add Existing Modules I'm told there is already a module with this name (which I know, otherwise I wouldn't click "Existing Modules"). If I close and reopen the project, the accidentally closed file still doesn't appear in the Editor.

    Is this something that's genuinely missing from the interface, or am I just being dim?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Eumel

    Eumel Active Member Licensed User

    If not open (show) click on the modules TAB at the bottom right.
    The 3rd from left.
    The IDE will show all existing modules of your project. Then you can click on wich you need.


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  3. TyneBridges

    TyneBridges Member Licensed User

    Thanks! I missed that completely, but clicked as you said and my missing file is now back.
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