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Hello Everyone :)

*As always we would like to thank @Erel for making this possible for every single one of us. Thank you dear @Erel

Our next big challenge is to create the most advanced system ever built using B4X Technology and the first thing came to our mind was building Virtual Machines from scratch using only B4J just like VirtualBox but why stop there? How about we combine it with a social network? How about we create the Social Media in B4X (B4I, B4A , B4J Web Application) ?
Again... Why stop there? and the ideas kept flowing until we reached the perfect, most challenging, most advanced and complicated idea :

Cloud Gaming : Play any game, anytime and anywhere using a web browser or your phone while chatting with your friends or even watch you friends stream their game play LIVE

Currently in the world there are 3 huge companies that are selling this solutions : Microsoft Xbox , Nvidia and Google

Overview :
Playing Games : The user can play any game on the server (B4J) by using a web browser(B4J) or a mobile app(B4A) without the need to download the game or even having high tech to be able to play his favorite games.

Social Network : The user is able to add friends, chat with them, view their profiles or even view their live streams (Live Game plays)
Pretty much like Facebook, twitter and twitch combined

Purchasing games : The user is able to browse the games market and purchase games that are offered by the B4J system admin.

Behind the scenes :
Gaming : Once the user selected a game the signal will be sent to the B4J server, the B4J server will create a virtual machine connected to the user instance - This purely done by B4J and there are no external software used.
The virtual machines will be exactly like Virtualbox

Once the instance is created, the selected game will be launched and the user will start viewing the game, every click, touch or even special controls will be synced with the game remotely

Social Network : Once the user registers his/her profile will be created and will be able to modify the profile, add friends, view friends profiles, view streams, create own live game play streams, etc...

Multi instance : there are no limit to how many users can play the games (unlimited number of players).

*There are a lot of behind the scenes functions and codes that we can't announce yet until we have finished developing them.

Technologies Used :
1- B4A
2- B4I
3- B4J
4- JRDC2

*No external software will be used, only B4X Technology.

This is a really complicated system and developing it will take 100% of our effort and time so your backing up is really really appreciated.

Project Release : in 60 Days or less

If you are interested please send us an email @ : or Via PM

Thank you guys for your support, and together we can make this possible and take B4X to the moon :)

Actual Screenshots of the client (B4A, B4i and the Web client - B4J ) :


Thank you,
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a high-level project, congratulations just for thinking about it, can't wait to try it
Thanks Saif


To be frankly I can't imagine that it is possible to make a virtualbox like clone from scratch in any short time, but I do hope you can make it 👍


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A new feature to be added to the shop:

The user is able to purchase games from the shop to play but also we will add the following feature to the shop :

The user is also able to purchase hours, meaning the user does not have to purchase the whole game, he/she is able to purchase for example 2 hours of gameplay of a game and once the 2 hours are finished the user will be promoted with a message stating : to continue playing you need to purchase more gameplay time.



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Congratulation Saif on creating something incredible in B4X 👍

It is way above my knowledge to even fathom the work involved in it. Yes you can do it as always you have proved in your other major projects.
My best wishes to you and team.




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How should I think of the KVM ? Could it run any other OS (just as VirtualBox or Proxmox or ...) ?
And/or what games could be played on this VM ?


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How should I think of the KVM ? Could it run any other OS (just as VirtualBox or Proxmox or ...) ?
And/or what games could be played on this VM ?

1- Yes it can run any type of OS (Winodws, Linux, MAC OS) as long as it's in an ISO format.
2- The system admin can install any type of games (PC Games) and the android client will run it without any problems

*This project has been sold to one client exclusively so we can't disclose any further information regarding this project.

Thank you,


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So it won't be part of the Social media / forums app you are releasing this week ?