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Hi to All ,

this is my first App for CNC Machines to be used for display their Tooling and Information used in a NC Program
This Information comes out of a CAD/CAM Software and it will be displayed on a Tablet.
The App uses all kind of Libraries, classes and examples, and on this way i want to thank to everyone who made them available.

The App uses Samba to login in to the network ( just tested it in a large company
the user is able download the needed files for his job
then the app will proccess the info and it will displayed according to the info

used libs
-samba (hotshoe)
-Silding Panels (dominex)
-MLstr ( hotshoe ..great help )
-Customtoast (xverhelstx)
-AHViewpager (Markus Stipp)

-treeview (thanks to Derez )
-dbutils (thanks to Erel)

This is just a beta Version


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Maybe 'cause you wrote THIS ?

So you only present some pics, no link to the App.
Is it for sale ? If yes, where and how much it costs ?
tha app was developed by request from a company so i cannot share the whole code . (that is the reason of "why you ask")
The app will work only with 2 specific CAD/CAM systems in this form that are very expensive .
You need a xampp mysql server in the meanwhile and the RDC , and a specific tablet to be able to run this (xplore tablets )