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This is my first toe in the water with an SQLlite db app in b4j. I picked a code snippet app as I will use it heaps myself. I know there are other snippets apps and they are great but this effort is super simple with only 3 fields snip name, snip platform and snip code. Simply select platform to load the snip names for that platform then select snip name to display code. There is a copy button to copy the code. There is also add, edit and delete. Add has paste from clipboard. in the add/edit screen it checks if you are trying to use a snip name exists that already exists you will see a green plus sign if the name has not been used which will change to a red cross if the name already in db. I hope it is not to confusing as I have used a couple of different message box / dialogs to try them out(I am learning). Also I deliberately went for manual db manipulation to help with my learning. Seems to work ok...


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Just uploaded a revision version as it seems I had a bug in the add process...