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I needed to populate a color field in an sqLite database for testing and needed to enter the numbers as decimals which is a pain when most color pickers give you hex.

This little app allows you to pick a color from two different color pickers and puts the hex and decimal numbers for that color in four labels.

I used two different pickers because depending on what you are doing one might be better than another.

After using one of the pickers and selecting the color you want you then click on the label with the format you want and it is transferred into the selected number box and place in the clipboard.

You can then paste it wherever you want.
The files are:

  1. Source Code
  2. Executable
If I get time I will add a pippette color picker and a list which can be exported to an sqLite table.

Hope it's useful

Best regards


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I added a feature to Color Bizzo 1 and it became Color Bizzo 2

Often you need to automatically pick a text color to suit a particular color background. The human eye picks up text features from their contrast with the text background, so if you have text colors of the same luminance (brightness) as the background they will be hard to read.

The little function rgbToYIQ calculates the luminance of the color usually the background and returns white texts if the luminance is lower than 50% and black text if its higher.

The luminance is calculated from the NTSC/PAL color television standard which separates the rgb colors into their luminance and their red and blue components, To recover green red and blue are subtracted from the luminance component. I didn't ned the red and blue vectors so I only calc the luminance.

This algorithm is useful if you overlay text on maps where your text label might be transparent or where you might want to match the text label background to match the underlying map. If the user can select arbitrary back colors then you need to provide some way to keep the text legible; black on dark purple = unreadable.

I am thinking about enhancing the algorithm to provide for colored text as you may wish to color the text in one label to highlight it from others. That's Color Bizzo 3.

Any ideas would be welcome

Best regards


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