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This is my first attempt at b4j, I have been a a bit reluctant to start but now I am away and enjoying learning. This is a small app to select colors and see their different format strings. I know there are many apps that do this but it is fun to make a tool for yourself. I have used the jcolorpicker code from another post (thanks Steve Laming) and made a code module for the conversions. Please excuse the rough code I promise I will work on my coding. The code is commented so you should be able to follow it ok. I would not mind adding the ability to select a color via an eye dropper but I am not sure if it is possible or what the procedure would be. I hope it is useful.


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I have updated the app with a small change. When you select Text Color or Back color radio button it displays the correct text for the selection. The updated zip is in the first post...enjoy