Bug? Colordrawable with label used twice


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I have attached a small sample project to explain this. It's an odd situation. I can get around it, now that I know why, by creating an additional colordrawable object I believe. I think it's likely a bug however and thought I would post it. Not sure if problem is rooted in B4A, or Android.

When applying a colordrawable as a background for 2 labels of differing widths, it works perfectly fine. When opening a second activity, and opening the keyboard, then hitting a button which calls activity.finish with the keyboard open, the original page gets the colordrawable background of the second item it is applied to, and does not respect of the width defined for the first object.

In the attached project, open the app. Note that the top blue label is 40% in width, and the bottom label is 80% width.

Hit the Launch button which will open up activity de.

If you hit the close button, you return to main properly styled. However, if you first place your cursor in the text box to open the keyboard, then hit the close button with the keyboard still open, the stylized label at the bottom in main will now be 40% wide (width of the other label), instead of 80%. (You have to close the keyboard once you get back to main.)

I don't believe this part is a bug, but curious if there is a solution. Is it possible to force the keyboard closed in situations like this where the activity is closed, or is that beyond my control? It looks bad, but users complain about the width more than the keyboard (which bothers me more).

Thanks for a fantastic product and support. I hate to complain, but thought it may help others. It took me a while to figure this one out.


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