Bug? Commented lines edited while in debug still run

Discussion in 'B4J Bugs & Wishlist' started by alwaysbusy, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. alwaysbusy

    alwaysbusy Expert Licensed User

    Since B4J 6.30, I sometimes get that my editing of the code in debug mode is not used when I continue. e.g. in the below image, I commented out some lines, pressed save and continued running the app and it still goes through the commented code. When I stop the app and rerun it the commented lines are correctly ignored.

  2. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    If I understand correctly, when in debug mode, editing, saving and resuming may sometimes give wrong results as some parts of the code being executed may not the updated... I usually do a "stop/start" of my debug mode just to prevent this... also cleaning up (ctrl+p) also helps a lot
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  3. alwaysbusy

    alwaysbusy Expert Licensed User

    Indeed, but it used to work fine and it was a big advantage to be able to edit code at run time over other tools. and most of the time it works, just now and then it doesn't and then you are kind of puzzled why your code does not work ;)
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  4. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    After modifying the code, do hit Ctrl + S ?
  5. alwaysbusy

    alwaysbusy Expert Licensed User

    yes, I always save and wait until the rectangle in the debug windows turns green before interacting with the app again.
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  6. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    It is fixed for the next update.
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