Android Question communicate between bluetooth HC-05, and Erel's Bluetooth example for Android


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(My current project : Landing help in "Rouding" phase on my plane. Actually works by wire to LEDS on the board).

I searched an explanation for my problem on the forum, but without real success.

i am using a HC-05 bluetooth module driven by a Pic microcontroller.
On Smartphone side (Android 4.4.2 and B4A 5.50) i have installed the basic Android example given in the past by Erel.

When i start the 2 units (Pic + HC05, and Bluetooth example on smartphone), appairing is OK.
But immediately after apparing, the B4a software displays "Connection broken".
I saw many posts around this fail, but an interrogation remains :

In an old post, Erel answered to this problem by the advice "Use HC-06 instead of HC-05".
Erel's advices are gold for me. However, why does all works fine (appairing, RX and TX) when i do the same expérience using a netbook bluetooth with Windows "Hyperterminal" utility ?
Is it really impossible to do the same function with B4A ?

Thank you for your help.
And apologize for those who already knows a B4A solution.


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Something similar happens to me.
I use the RN42 with a PIC. Once paired, after a certain time, random, the connection is broken. Sometimes it takes 1 minute, sometimes an hour.
I have implemented a system to reconnect automatically, but it is not the solution.
I have not found the source of the problem.
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Hi Erel,
Yes, AsyncStreams was initialized in prefix mode.
Now in "Regular" mode it works fine.
Thank you !
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