iOS Question Communication Error: Timeout


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Hi Erel,

Sorry to bother you, but when I try to Build my Release App with the Hosted Builder service I am now getting the error:
Communication Error: Timeout

It has been working fine up until today.
I even try pinging the server with Telnet on port 51042 (as per the settings I have in B4i) but I get 'No reply'.
I have also tried 'Prefer Secondary' but makes no difference.
I restarted my router too, didn't help.

Please can you help as I am unable to compile my app now.

See screenshot:


Many thanks,


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Hello Jacques,

I was getting this error in Relase mode too. I was having no problem in debug mode ..

I solved this problem as follows.

Tools > IDE Options > Configure Process Timeout

Increase the time here. I set it to 500 seconds :D and it works smoothly, although it takes a long time.
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