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I've started to add NJDude's CompactActionBar to one of my apps, the thing I find frustrating about actionbars in general is that, as good as the Icons are, I can never remember which Icon does what. Especially if it's an app I don't use daily.

I've written a help class that allows the programmer to attach a short text string to each BarIcon item (via a Map), and by touching the Logo or an option added to the menu itself, it will then change modes and further presses on the icons will display the help string.

NJDude has agreed that I can share this, so here it is.

Dependencies additional to CompactActionBar:

JavaObject library
StringUtils Library
Richstring Library

The demo contains an example with CompactActionBar, Code required for the CompactactionBarHelp is commented with a {CABHELP} prefix.

I hope you find it useful.

V1.1 Corrected some help items


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