Android Question Compiling 2nd app replaces icon of 1st app.

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I have developed three apps and they all appeared to be working well from the desktop compile & run. However, when I went to run these from my phone there were only two icons. I then found that two of my apps were sharing the same icon. When I compiled the first app it left an icon on the phone that had the correct title. When I compiled the second app it replaced the first icon with the new icon which had the new title. The icons did run their respective apps correctly. I believe that this was due to my erroneously saving the two apps in the same desktop folder. I separated the apps into different folders but I still have the same problem. Not only that but the data files were wiped from my phone, which I have since replaced. I am using the same icon for all threes apps but I made certain that the icons were stored and accessed from their respective folders on the desktop. It was obviously a bad mistake on my part, but how can I fix this? I cannot find a reference to a similar problem on this forum.


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As far as I know the icons on the phone are dependant on the "ApplicationLabel"

#Region  Project Attributes
    #ApplicationLabel: B4A Example
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