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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Derek Johnson, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. Derek Johnson

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    I would like to conditionally include a regular B4A library, say FusedLocationProvider, so that I can omit it in builds that do not require it but include it when needed.

    Erel suggested that it would involve using

    #If FLP  
        #AdditionalJar: FusedLocationProvider
    #End if

    So I omitted FusedLocationProvider from the list of libraries, hoping that would work.
    However if I do that then this statement fails to compile:

    #If FLP
        Dim FLP1 As FusedLocationProvider
    #End If

    So not quite so simple as I hoped. However I've heard that there might be a solution :)
    hopefully not too complicated!

    It seems like what is needed is a conditional deletion of a jar/library file at compile time, so that the editor still recognises the elements of an included library but then they are removed before compilation.

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  2. Erel

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    The FusedLocationProvider library itself is quite small (less than 100kb). The problem is that it depends on google-play-services.jar which is a large jar (3m+).

    The solution is:
    1. Edit FusedLocationProvider.xml and remove the DependsOn line (near the bottom).
    2. Keep the library checked in the IDE.
    3. Conditionally add google-play-services.jar with #AdditionalJar: google-play-services
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