Android Question Config WebView active FullScreen video in site web

Good Day, my firts questions, thanks you and excuse me, my language is native Spanish.

I create my app for use webview to site web.
the site web navigation perfect, i have problem play video, the option screen Full, no working,

i not found this parameter

thanks all peoples.
thanks you answer Erel.
you not understant my problem. (excuse me)

Wp= WordPress
My site web are WordPress. full responsive. all information are save in WP, i have sections videos.

1. I created app webview, run app, perfect, load in webview my site web
2. login my site WP, all information ok. view and navegation, i change options menu, all perfect.
3. I select items in WP un link is video. perfect play run (small area)


1.The options screen full not working
2.I change position my device horizontal, or vertical the video stop and close

I use sample or information

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