Android Question Confusion about publishing - what is recommended today?


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Spent hours reading and only left me confused. I last published an app a few years ago. I believe I followed the instructions dated 2010 found HERE. And, as I recall a key was provided by google at the time, which I used.

I didn't get these choices back then:

I have no problem saving my own key but then I read we are going to be forced to use app bundle. Does that mean Google signing? Should I do that now? My app will always be small (<4MB)

" Use the same key as another app in this developer account " is greyed out even though I have a published app. It is old - key out of date maybe?

The two "Export" choices above give me the following, respectively.



I just want to keep it simple, and as mentioned, I can keep my own key.

Please, As of 3/28/21 what is the recommended (simple) procedure to place an app in the app store?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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