B4J Question Connect to Android ADB using B4J


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Hi, Im looking at a new writing a new app, and am wondering what the best way to install some APK files to a tablet would be? I have seen the APKinstaller but that use's b4a bridge, these tablets will not have that installed, and installing it, would be the same problem as installing the apks im going to install, So im wanting to use ADB! the question is would i just bundle adb.exe and then shell command it? or is there some library that I cant seem to find?

Also just thinking about it now, would android itself be able to do that? ie a tablet, that connects to another device via adb and installs apks, can run commands ect?

the device im looking at is pretty locked down, so no chance of SSH, SFTP ect it must be ADB

Any pointers please?