Android Question Connecting to Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR) SPP serial modules


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I would like to port the Bluetooth Android app I wrote on App Inventor 2 over to B4A.
It connects very easily to SPP modules in transparent serial mode.
Does B4A have the ability to connect to these modules (e.g. BT04-A, JDY-10, etc), or is there only BLE capability?

Edit: Forgive me for the premature question. I have now found some more SPP info in the forum. Rookie mistake.

Upon further experimenting, I found that I could connect using the HC05 Datalogger example project if the input variable is changed to type String instead of Byte thus allowing parsing. I feel that this example project could be customised and used as the basis to build on.

Thank you for such a powerful development environment. Now to buckle down and do some serious learning.
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... or is there only BLE capability?
yes, we have been using BLE with Android and iOS devices.

then your modules should work with B4X

...connect using the HC05

Edit: ahah I just read you found more info :p
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