Consolidate project attributes?

Discussion in 'Bugs & wishlist' started by Kevin, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Well-Known Member Licensed User

    As I am going through my steps to create 4 separate APKs for my app, I had an idea.

    I assume most would agree, but when releasing versions of my app, the following items are typically changed before generating the APK:

    Package Name
    Application Label
    Application Version

    Other than remembering to change a couple variables in my code, I also need to change the above settings before generating each APK.

    My idea is that it would be nice if instead of all of these being a separate menu item in the IDE, how about if there is one single "Project Attributes" page which consolidates all of these settings?

    You could take it further and maybe also put the setting for the application's icon in there too, as others may use different app icons for different versions (free and paid).

    Hopefully you will consider this. I think it would make it a bit easier to release different variations of the same app. Especially until we get conditional compilation. ;)

    Another thought: How about an item in the menu (check mark to enable or disable) that allows us to always "clean" the project before compiling the app? Having seen generated APKs change in size from one compilation to another with nothing else changing in the code, I have gotten in the habit of cleaning the project before each APK is compiled. It would be nice to just set an option to always do this and be done with it.
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