contact.MobilePhoneNumber generate error

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by gecomail, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. gecomail

    gecomail Member Licensed User

    Hi,i have this problem :
    when the value of contact.MobilePhoneNumber contain one or more character like space, the retrieve of the value of this field generates errors.
    In other case, when the fields contain only number and the character "+", i haven't problem.
    anyone can help me ?
  2. JOTHA

    JOTHA Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hello gecomail,

    i have checked your problem:

    I used the following code:
    contact.MobileTelephoneNumber = ""&Telefon.Text&""
    ... and I tried the following number (exactly als written below):

    +49 (7171) 104 66 30

    and it works fine.

    Do you use Modules?

    If yes, your code must be like this:
    contact.MobileTelephoneNumber = ""&ModulName.Telefon.Text&""
    In this case the name of the module is "ModulName". ;)

    I hope this will help you.
  3. gecomail

    gecomail Member Licensed User

    JOTHA you have right

    Maybe that my problem with the format of .MobileTelefonNumer was that i assign this value to node of TreeView.
    Thank you Jotha for your help.
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