Control your computer using SMS messages

Discussion in 'Code Samples & Tips' started by Erel, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Erel

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    Using the updated Outlook library it is now possible to intercept incoming SMS messages.
    We are using it in the following scenario:
    A phone enabled device is connected to a desktop using Activesync.
    The device receives an SMS message and sends it (using the Network library) to the desktop.
    The desktop reads the message and does some action based on the message.

    There are two source code files, one for the desktop and one for the device.
    The code is pretty simple (each file is less than 50 lines).
    Outlook library requires WM5.0 or WM6.0 devices and .Net CF 2.0.

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  2. conf

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    It sounds is good ! :D
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