Android Question Controls or events for YouTubeStandalonePlayer

Francisco Barbosa

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I wonder if there is some resource to monitor if the player is still playing, paused or stopped, and also how do I play a dynamic playlista (ie the playlist ID does not exist on YouTube).

In App, used YouTubeStandalonePlayer because I can apply to earlier versions to Android 4.

I ask again, can I create a event handler to control the events of the player??

I Use this HTML code to assemble one in web page and runs fine (see code):

<iframe id = "ytplayer" type = "text / html" style = width: 480px; height: 360px; "src=",7ueS4oumaCc,5fH8h4G_N-o&version=3&autoplay=1" frameborder = "0"> </ iframe>

Thank you.

Francisco Barbosa

Licensed User
The player is managed in its own activity. When it finishes playing the Result event is raised. You don't have any other control over it.

You can play a dynamic playlist by calling StartVideo with the next video when the previous one completes.

Ok, thanks Erel.
I think this way, but which parameters event should I handle?

Sub NameEvent_Result(????)

End Sub

Is it correct???

Could you help me??
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