ControlsExDesktop library suggestions please


Licensed User
I am working on a ControlsExDesktop library to complement my FormsExDesktop library. Bearing in mind that the existing ControlsEx library will work fine with FormExDesktop I am requesting suggestions for extra things to include in this new desktop only controls library.

I do not intend to try to recreate the entire breadth of .NET and Visual Studio with Basic4PPC. What I have in mind is more like earlier versions of Visual Basic (like VB3) that were quite sparse and elegant subsets of what could be achieved under Windows (which was well and truly lost by the time Visual Basic 6 arrived!). My intention is that that people who can code for the device can code for the desktop but with added visual "style" without too much of a learning curve - and vice versa.

Therefore I am looking to implement subsets of controls but with the important aspects of their usability included. I am starting with StatusStrip and ToolStrip and their associated controls as they, to my mind, add lots of visual "value" to an application with minimal complexity.

I would welcome suggestions for other controls to include in this library together with a suggested set of associated methods, properties and events.