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Hi, I'm new to Basic4Android, but I have experience of Visual Basic Programing. Some time ago I wrote an App in Tasker, which allows me to mute the phone (all sounds) for 30/60/90/120 minutes, by pressing the appropriate button, after which time the phone is unmuted.

I want to re-create this app, to teach myself Basic4Android, but I'm having a problem getting my head around the timing aspect of it and the muting. Any help would be welcome :)



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See Services. See ServiceStartAt to reshedule the service at a given time. Search for code for muting in forum. I´m sure you will find something
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You can mute a single volume channel with Phone.SetMute. You can change the ringer mode with Phone.SetRingerMode.

You should use StartServiceAt to schedule a service to start in x minutes and unmute the phone. You can use DateUtil.AddPeriod to find the correct time:
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