B4A Library corwin42 - Libraries Overview

This thread is just an overview about the libraries and tutorials I created for B4A. Maybe it will help you to find a library or other resources you are searching for.

Supported Libraries:
AHLocale library - A utility library for localization, date formatting, number formatting, timezones, locale information
AHViewPager library - A wrapper for the Android ViewPager for sliding pages.
StdActionBarHelper library - Utiliy functions for the standard Android ActionBar
AppCompat library - Make Material Design apps compatible with older Android versions
DesignSupport library - Additional Material Design elements
AHPreferenceActivity library - Library for creating Preference screens
FloatingActionButton library - Implements a floating action button
AHDashboard library - Create dashboards or Toolbars with this library
AHSwipeToRefresh library - The famous swipe to refresh effect
AHNavigationDrawer library - Standard NavigationDrawer
XMLViewEx class/library - Access Android XML Layout files
WatchFace library - Create WatchFaces for Android Wear devices
CardView library - Create Material Design Cards
Palette library - Create palette from bitmap
SharedElementTransition library/class - Create nice Material Design transitions between Activites
ViewPager library - A cleaned up ViewPager
Preferences library - Create Material Design Preferences/Settings Screens
MaterialDialogs library - Make your dialogs nice

Material Design 1 - Basics
Material Design 2 - Using the AppCompat Library
Material Design 3 - Using a ToolBar as ActionBar
Material Design 4 - Create a modifyable Menu
Create multiple instances of the same homescreen widget
Using the standard Android Search dialog
Update a homescreen widget more frequently than 30 minutes

Deprecated Libraries (Please do not use them anymore):
AHActionBar - Simple ActionBar library
AHQuickAction library - A popup menu

If you find other useful stuff created by me on the forum that should be linked here just tell me in this thread.
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