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1 Month ago i saw a Trailer from a horror movie on TickTok, the film is calling "countdown" and in the movie theres a app, the app is display a date with a counter, no more.

I made this app on the same day and publish it on the Google Playstore.

The app is only display a date with a counter....
is close to the thousands of installation.... humans... :D

oneplus-6-mockups - Kopie.png

The funny part:
Screenshot_20191025-164833__01.jpg Screenshot_20191025-164901__01.jpg

and the movie start is on 25th october, so today. I should add ads :D

Check it out and give some 5 Stars how the other people before... :D


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Although this is not the case, I am thinking that things are more difficult for Germans: their shortest word is about 351 characters long!

Alexander Stolte

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It is good that you can to uninstall the app after 10 years get a fresh new version of the app
Yeah some of the one star reviews complain about that too. But i dont know where i save it so it is still there after a uninstall, i save it in the "DirInternal"-Folder. And for an external folder i need a permission, what i want to avoid...