Bug? Crash when loading previously working layouts and files

Discussion in 'iOS Bugs & Wishlist' started by Sandman, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Sandman

    Sandman Active Member Licensed User

    I have encountered a very strange problem. All of a sudden it seems that the app crashes when it loads a file. This has been verified both for layouts and a file in Files. None of these files have been modified recently and have previously worked just fine.

    I was curious what had happened, in what way that were corrupted. So I took a look at them in TortoiseHg (I use Mercurial) and found that they hadn't changed at all. Very strange. So I opened a layout in the Designer and just did a Save. Back to TortoiseHg to see if that changed anything - it didn't, from Mercurials perspective the file was still identical. However, looking at the file properties, I could see that the Modified timestamp was updated (naturally). Mercurial doesn't track such metadata.

    Back to B4i to try with the re-saved, identical, layout - and now it worked without a flaw.

    From my perspective this is a situation that's simple to fix myself - I just re-save everything and it works. I still felt it was worth reporting. I've also attached the log below, for when a layout caused a crash.

    Might be worth mentioning that I haven't moved the project folder or any files in ages.

    (The file in Files was an mp3 that I fixed by simply duplicating it in Explorer, deleting the old one and changed the name of the duplicate.)


    Error occurred on line: 36 (actreport)
    Error opening stream: Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=
    2 "No such file or directory" UserInfo={_kCFStreamErrorCodeKey=2, _kCFStreamErrorDomainKey=1}
    Stack Trace: (
      CoreFoundation       <redacted> + 148
      libobjc.A.dylib      objc_exception_throw + 56
      CoreFoundation       <redacted> + 0
      SandmanApp         -[B4IFile OpenInput::] + 436
      SandmanApp         -[B4ILayoutBuilder loadLayout:::] + 644
      SandmanApp         -[B4IPanelWrapper LoadLayout::] + 200
      SandmanApp         -[b4i_actreport _startactivitypage] + 1256
      SandmanApp         -[b4i_actworking _menureport_click] + 500
      CoreFoundation       <redacted> + 144
      CoreFoundation       <redacted> + 292
     SandmanApp         +[B4I runDynamicMethod:method:throwErrorIfMissing:args:] + 1624
     SandmanApp         -[B4IShell runMethod:] + 448
     SandmanApp         -[B4IShell raiseEventImpl:method:args::] + 1784
     SandmanApp         -[B4IShellBI raiseEvent:event:params:] + 1408
     SandmanApp         -[B4ICommon CallSub4::::] + 344
     SandmanApp         -[B4ICommon CallSub:::] + 156
     SandmanApp         -[b4i_actworking _mnuactionsheet_click:] + 2256
     CoreFoundation       <redacted> + 144
     CoreFoundation       <redacted> + 292
     SandmanApp         +[B4I runDynamicMethod:method:throwErrorIfMissing:args:] + 1624
     SandmanApp         -[B4IShell runMethod:] + 448
     SandmanApp         -[B4IShell raiseEventImpl:method:args::] + 1784
     SandmanApp         -[B4IShellBI raiseEvent:event:params:] + 1408
     SandmanApp         __33-[B4I raiseUIEvent:event:params:]_block_invoke + 60
     libdispatch.dylib    <redacted> + 24
     libdispatch.dylib    <redacted> + 16
     libdispatch.dylib    <redacted> + 968
     CoreFoundation       <redacted> + 12
     CoreFoundation       <redacted> + 2012
     CoreFoundation       CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 436
     GraphicsServices     GSEventRunModal + 100
     UIKit                UIApplicationMain + 208
     SandmanApp         main + 124
     libdyld.dylib        <redacted> + 4
  2. Andris

    Andris Active Member Licensed User

    I occasionally (maybe 2 times in the last month with B4i, and a few times in B4A as well) experience exactly this same problem, with no obvious cause in the integrity or location of the layout file, or with files that "can't be found." It always scares the hell out of me. The solution that always seems to work (keep fingers crossed) is to:
    1. Uninstall the target app on your device
    2. Do Tools > Clean Project
    3. Compile and run again
    Resaving the problem layout file under a different name seems to work too, but usually this has to be done with most of the others as well which is a huge pain. And then there are still "unlocatable" files as well, most of the time.

    Like I said, I think I've experienced this in B4A as well. Maybe it's a Designer issue in common to all products ... that only Erel can figure out ... ;)
  3. Napier

    Napier New Member Licensed User

    I've been having the exact same issue. Every once in a while when I get up in the morning to begin coding, the newly compiled program which was working the night before and hasn't been changed says it is not able to locate layout files. Different to Sandman, to fix the problem, I save each layout to a new name, delete the old layouts and recompile and then the program works. Not a big deal, but it does take a few minutes, and like Andris, it scares the hell out of me although I'm getting used to it. I was just hoping to find a relatively quick fix here if others had the same issue.

    The only thing I could think is that I have my project files on a thumbdrive and perhaps in some way the link to the files is lost overnight? Seems unlikely, but then, the error is odd as well.

    Here is a part of my log:

    Copying updated assets files (1)
    Securities list built!
    Building database!
    Database built!
    Error occurred on line: 306 (baMatrix)
    Error opening stream: Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=2 "No such file or directory" UserInfo={_kCFStreamErrorCodeKey=2, _kCFStreamErrorDomainKey=1}
    Stack Trace: (
    CoreFoundation <redacted> + 148
    libobjc.A.dylib objc_exception_throw + 56
    CoreFoundation <redacted> + 0
    Bidabacus -[B4IFile OpenInput::] + 436
    Bidabacus -[B4ILayoutBuilder loadLayout:::] + 652
    Bidabacus -[B4IPanelWrapper LoadLayout::] + 204
    Bidabacus -[b4i_bamatrix _createcellpanel::::] + 1520
    Bidabacus -[b4i_bamatrix _add_matrixcell::::] + 3612
    Bidabacus -[b4i_bamatrix _populatematrixpanel] + 1836
    CoreFoundation <redacted> + 144
    CoreFoundation <redacted> + 292
    Bidabacus +[B4I runDynamicMethod:method:throwErrorIfMissing:args:] + 1624
    Bidabacus -[B4IShell runMethod:] + 448
    Bidabacus -[B4IShell raiseEventImpl:method:args::] + 1784
    Bidabacus -[B4IShellBI raiseEvent:event:params:] + 1408
    Bidabacus -[B4ICommon CallSub4::::] + 344
    Bidabacus -[B4ICommon CallSub2::::] + 360
    Bidabacus -[b4i_httpjob _complete:] + 212
    Bidabacus -[b4i_httputils2service _completejob::::] + 436
    Bidabacus -[b4i_httputils2service _hc_responsesuccess::] + 164
    CoreFoundation <redacted> + 144
    CoreFoundation <redacted> + 292
    Bidabacus +[B4I runDynamicMethod:method:throwErrorIfMissing:args:] + 1624
    Bidabacus -[B4I raiseEvent:event:params:] + 564
    Bidabacus __61-[B4IHttp URLSession:downloadTask:didFinishDownloadingToURL:]_block_invoke + 268
    libdispatch.dylib <redacted> + 16
    libdispatch.dylib <redacted> + 68
    libdispatch.dylib <redacted> + 16
    libdispatch.dylib <redacted> + 1016
    CoreFoundation <redacted> + 12
    CoreFoundation <redacted> + 2012
    CoreFoundation CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 436
    GraphicsServices GSEventRunModal + 100
    UIKit UIApplicationMain + 208
    Bidabacus main + 124
    libdyld.dylib <redacted> + 4
  4. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Try to uninstall the app from the device, clean the project and install it again.
  5. Andris

    Andris Active Member Licensed User

    In my previous post I can confirm that this seems to fix it.
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