crashing, crashing, crashing, zzzzrrrd, gone. That was that hard drive :)


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I usually do a spring and winter deeeeep cleanup of my netbook... I mean... Deeeeeeeeeep!
I tear it apart bit by bit... Then, after hardware cleanup, I reassemble the bits...strangely there's always a screw that seems to have no were to go... Then I clean the system... Byte by byte... Full low level format!
Then re-install...
Typically a 2 days endeavour!!


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@Cableguy it seems that I find that we are more alike every time you post a bit about yourself. I tend to strip my system(s) apart about every 18 months (all screws accounted for though, I'm an engineer after all! ;)). My laptop and desktop usually have the OS reinstalled although I don't do that with the Server, just a deep clean is sufficient for that. But then my desktop and server both run 24-7 so they build up quite a bit of dust.


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yeah but I like to be surprised and to realise that whatever I've accomplished is totally trashable

then its a wake up call to reinstall my stolen version of Win7 (win 8 wouldn't install)

who pays for operating systems?

please delete the above


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15 EUR, really? Which version? Although M$ have already started to indicate that they will be ending Win7.... Ah in 2020.

I purchased Win 7 Pro, a few years ago, but can't remember how much it was, a bit more than 15 EUR!
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I've started to do a fresh OS install along with drivers, apps etc then take an image of the setup system...easier and quicker to do a fresh install. If all your data is on a different partition to the OS it's even easier.

A lot of the cheap keys being sold for Windows are from volume licensing and are not supposed to be resold.