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Mohsen, I was hoping you could help me understand the values CleanCacheExample displays when compared to system values (Settings->Application Managment->Gallery)

- Before running, App Info displays : 2.08MB
- CleanCacheExample displays after Scan Button : 16.00KB
- CleanCacheExample displays after Clean Button : 8.00KB
- After exit, App Info displays : 12.00KB

There seems to be a significant difference in value initially - App Info shows a Cache value of 2.08MB and CleanCacheExample shows a Cache value of 16.00KB. However, after running CleanCache, the differences are small - App Info shows 12.00KB and CleanCacheExample shows 8.00KB.

Attached are the screenshots showing both system and application values.

Appreciate any assistance.


Using SGN2 (SGH-T892), Andrioid version 4.3 (not rooted), compiled with b4a (5.02)

mohsen nasrabady

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hi sorry i dont know what's the problem?
i see that in android kitkat and android 5
in android 2.3 the cache cleared completly


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Thanks for getting back to me. I believe the problem may be in my understanding of the return values from each library routine: ScanCache and CleanCache.

How are the actual app's cache size determined?

Why would there be a difference between what one of the library routine displays versus what the system shows e.g. Settings->Application Management->All e.g. the Samsung Gallery app. (see above attachment)

The library does reduce the cache size for each app, however, the cache size is reduced to 8KB and not 0Kb.

Is this to be expected?